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9th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities

May 5–7, 2014 | Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

Monday, 5th May (Fortune No. 1, 7th Floor, Fortune Hotel) 




Opening Ceremony: Prof. Victor C. M. Leung, IEEE Fellow



  • On Virtualizing Mobile Networks & Their Functions: Trends and Potential

Dr. Tarik Taleb, NEC Europe Ltd, Germany


Coffee Break



  • Future Service Security: Data Accountability and Multitenant Monitoring

Prof. ChunmingRong, University of Stavanger, Norway



  • Polymorphic routing for Flexible Architecture of Reconfigurable Infrastructure

Prof. Hui Li, Peking University, China


Lunch Break


Session 1:Testbed Virtualization

(Chair: Manabu Tsukada, INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt, France) 

  • Network Measurement Virtual Observatory: An Integrated Database Environment for Internet Research and Experimentation

József Stéger, Tamás Sebők, Zsófia Kallus, Sándor Laki, Péter Mátray, János Szüle, László Dobos, István Csabai, Gábor Vattay

  • Software-Defined Infrastructure and the SAVI Testbed

Joon-Myung Kang, Thomas Lin, Hadi Bannazadeh, Alberto Leon-Garcia

  • Virtualized Reconfigurable Hardware Resources in the SAVI Testbed

Stuart Byma, Hadi Bannazadeh, Alberto Leon-Garcia, J. Gregory Steffan, Paul Chow

  • A Networkless Data Exchange and Control Mechanism for Virtual Testbed Devices

Tim Gerhard, Dennis Schwerdel, Paul Müller

  • The Tradeoff between Single Aggregate and Multiple Aggregates in Designing GENI Experiments

ZongmingFei, Ping Yi, Jianjun Yang


Coffee Break


Session 2: Vehicular Networks, Internet of Things

(Chair: Manabu Tsukada, INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt, France)

  • Vehicular Inter-Networking via Named Data - An OPNET Simulation Study

Dung Ong Mau, Yin  Zhang, Min Chen

  • AnaVANET: an experiment and visualization tool for vehicular networks

Manabu Tsukada, José Santa, Satoshi Matsuura, Thierry Ernst, Kazutoshi Fujikawa

  • A Reputation-based Adaptive Trust Management System for Vehicular Clouds

Ihn-Han Bae

  • UAVNet Simulation in UAVSim: A Performance Evaluation and Enhancement

Ahmad Javaid, Weiqing Sun, Mansoor Alam

  • Connectivity Emulation Testbed for IoT Devices and Networks

Nadir Javed, Bilhanan Silverajan 

  • IPv6-based test beds integration across Europe and China

Sébastien Ziegler, Michael Hazan, Huang Xiaohong, Latif Ladid 


Social Event: Dinner at 5th Floor, Fortune Hotel


End of Day 1

Tuesday, 6th May (Fortune No. 5, 7th Floor, Fortune Hotel)




Session 3: SDN, NDN

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, Soutch China University of Technology, China)

  • Utilizing OpenFlow, SDN and NFV in GPRS Core Network

Martin Nagy, Ivan Kotuliak

  • Bandwidth Efficient Adaptive Live Streaming with Cooperative Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing

TXiaoyi Zhang, Geng Xi, Kaiming Qu, Lin Zhang

  • Multi-Source Mobile Video Streaming: Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance, and Offloading with Prefetching

Dimitris Dimopoulos, Christos Boursinos, Vasilios Siris

  • An OpenFlowTestbed for the Evaluation of Vertical Handover Decision Algorithms in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Ryan Izard, Adam Hodges, Jianwei Liu, Jim Martin, Kuang-Ching Wang, Ke Xu

  • Reproducible Software Appliances for Experimentation

Cristian Camilo, Olivier Richard, Joseph Emeras

  • Benchmarking Low-resource Device Test-beds for Real-time Acoustic Data

Congduc Pham, Philippe Cousin


Coffee Break


Session 4: Large Scale Testbed Federation

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, Soutch China University of Technology, China)

  • Resources Description, Selection, Reservation and Verification on a Large-scale Testbed

David Margery, Emile Morel, Lucas Nussbaum, Olivier Richard, Cyril Rohr

  • NESSEE: An In-House Test Platform for Large Scale Tests of Multimedia Applications Including Network Behavior

Robert Lübke, Daniel Schuster, Alexander Schill

  • Empirical Analysis of IPv6 Transition Technologies Using the IPv6 Network Evaluation Testbed

Marius Georgescu, Hiroaki Hazeyama, Youki Kadobayashi, Suguru Yamaguchi

  • SPICE Testbed: A DTN Testbed for Satellite and Space Communications

Ioannis Komnios, Ioannis Alexiadis, Nikolaos Bezirgiannidis, Sotiris Diamantopoulos, Sotirios-Angelos Lenas, Giorgos Papastergiou, Vassilis Tsaoussidis

  • Android-based Testbed and Demonstration Environment for Cross-layer Optimized Flow Mobility

Norbert Varga, Laszlo Bokor, AndrasTakacs


Lunch Break


Session 5: Mobile Network, Wireless Network

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, Soutch China University of Technology, China)

  • SIMON: Seamless servIceMigratiON in Mobile Network

Dung Ong Mau, Jialun Wang, Long  Wang, Long  Hu, Yujun  Ma, Yin  Zhang

  • Energy-Efficient Subcarrier Allocation For Downlink OFDMA Wireless Network

Changxiao Qiu, Fan Wu, Yu Ye, Supeng Leng

  • Investigating the Performance of Link Aggregation on OpenFlow Switches

Toan Nguyen-Duc, Hoang Tran-Viet, Kien Nguyen, Quang Tran Minh, Son Hong Ngo, Shigeki Yamada

  • From Model to Internetware - A Unified Approach to Generate Internetware

Junhui Liu, Qing Duan

  • A Leading Routing Mechanism for Neighbor Content Store

Chuanzhen Du, Yan Zhang, JulongLan


Coffee Break


Session 6:Experimental Facilities

(Chair: Lucas Nussbaum, University of Lorraine, France)

  • Heuristic Algorithm for Virtual Network Mapping Problem

Huynh Thi Thanh Binh, Bach Hoang Vinh, Nguyen Hong Nhat, Le Hoang Linh

  • Speeding up Multi-level Route Analysis through Improved Multi-LCS Algorithm

Pei Tu, Xiapu Luo, Weigang Wu, Yajuan Tang

  • Experimental Study on the Performance of Linux Ethernet Bonding

Hoang Tran-Viet, Toan Nguyen-Duc, Kien Nguyen, Quang Tran Minh, Son Hong Ngo, Shigeki Yamada

  • A Smart Home Network Simulation Testbed for Cybersecurity Experimentation

Jizhou Tong, Weiqing Sun, Lingfeng Wang

  • Refined Feature Extraction for Chinese Question Classification in CQA

Lei Su, Bin Yang, Xiangxiang Qi, Yantuan Xian


End of Day 2

Wednesday, 7th May (Fortune No. 5, 5th Floor, Fortune Hotel)




FARI (Part I)

(Chair: Hui Li, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, China)

  • An Adaptive Fair Sampling Algorithm Based on The Reconfigurable Counter Arrays

Jing Wang

  • Semi-Centralized Name Routing Mechanism for Reconfigurable Network

Fuxing Chen, Weiyang Liu, Hui Li, Zhipu Zhu

  • Optimization-based Atomic Capability Routing Model for Flexible Architecture of Reconfigurable Infrastructure

Weiyang Liu, Hui Li, Fuxing Chen, Kai Pan

  • An Evolving Architecture for Network Virtualization

Shicong Ma


Coffee Break


FARI (Part II)

(Chair: Hui Li, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, China)

  • On the Routing of Wide-Sense Circuit Based on Algebraic Switching Fabric

Qian Zhan, Hui Li, Li Ma, ShijieLv

  • AdaFlow: Adaptive Control to Improve Availability of OpenFlow Forwarding for Burst Quantity of Flows

Boyang Zhou, Wen Gao, Chunming Wu, Bin Wang, Ming Jiang, Yansong Wang

  • A Network Controller Supported Open Reconfigurable Technology

Siyun Yan

  • An Early Traffic Sampling Algorithm

Ying  Hou, Hai  Huang, Dan  Chen, Nan Sheng Wang, Peng  Li




WCC & WSN (Part I)

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, South China University of Technology, China)

  • Researches Based on Subject-oriented Security in the Cyber-physical System

Caixia Zhang ; Li Hua, Yuanjia Ma, Xiaoyu Wang, Xiangdong Wang

  • Online Lubricant Monitoring System with WSN Based on the Dielectric Permittivity

Yuanjia Ma, Caixia Zhang

  • A Novel Concept Lattice Merging Algorithm Based on Collision Detection

Jiafu Wan,CaifengZou,Hu Cai

  • Sleep Scheduling Method based on Half-sleep State in the Distributed Sensor Network

Jiafu Wan,Pan Deng,Jianwei Zhang,Feng Chen,Biying Yan,Long Zhao


Coffee Break


WCC & WSN (Part II)

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, South China University of Technology, China)

  • Research on Cloud Computing in The Application of The Quality Course Construction

Huikui Zhou, MudanGu

  • Unified Polymorphic Routing towards Flexible Architecture of Reconfigurable Infrastructure

Kai Pan, Hui Li, Weiyang Liu, Zhipu Zhu, Fuxing Chen, Bing Zhu

  • An Improved Access Control Model for the CSCD Environment

Ai Fei

  • The Study on The Network Security Simulation for HITLS Technology

MudanGu, Huikui Zhou, Yinghan Hong, Li Zhang


End of the conference