The 5th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities


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CREATE-NET ACM SIGARCH IEEE Industrial Electronics Society IEEE Computer Society
Orange Pan European Laboratory Infrastructure Implementation

April 6~8, 2009, Washington DC

Infrastructures as a Service – Testbeds and Tools for

Global Network and Service Convergence



TridentCom 2009 represents a landmark in the history of international testbed conferences. With the rapid convergence of networks and applications, changes in related industries, more complex value chains and increased competition, early prototyping and experimentation will become a key means for driving innovation and development of market oriented solutions. In this context, value generation has shifted from network technologies towards applications and content. Thus, the nature and scope of testbeds have changed substantially in recent years from solely network technologies towards complex service delivery infrastructures riding on various networks. In contrast to traditional vendor, operator and technology specific “closed” testbeds, the notion of “open” testbeds has emerged. “Open” in this context means both wide access as a shared resource and extensibility to include on-demand new end systems, network technologies, protocol stacks, and, most importantly, new middleware and service delivery platforms for specific test purposes. To meet this need, major research and development programs have started around the globe, including GENI in the U.S. and FIRE in Europe, to establish large scale experimental facilities. TridentCom 2009 will provide a forum to explore existing and planned testbed concepts, infrastructures, and tools to address the research and business challenges in a world of global convergence.

Important Dates

Due to many requests, the submission deadline has been extended to Oct. 15, 2008. Please note that this is a hard deadline and there will be no further extensions.  In addition, the demo proposal deadline has been extended to Dec. 20, 2008.

Papers due: October 1, 2008
Papers due (extended, firm deadline) October 15, 2008
Demo proposals due: November 1, 2008
Demo proposals due (extended): December 20 2008
Notification of acceptance: December 15, 2008
Submission of camera-ready papers: January 23, 2009
Submission of camera-ready papers: January 30, 2009
Conference date April 6~8, 2009

Program Schedule

Floor plan of the conference venue is here.

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