2008 4th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities

March 17-20, 2008, Hotel Grauer Baer, Innsbruck, Austria

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Technically co-sponsored by ACM/SIGARCH

Also sponsored by IMDEA Networks and TSSG

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Telecommunication infrastructures play a vital role in modern society. Advances in the range of network service offerings, performance, quality of service, security, and ubiquity continue to flourish, despite global economy fluctuations. Access to experimental infrastructures for real-life applications by specific user communities benefits all of the stakeholders involved: the end users, because of the first-hand evaluation of the provided services, the researchers and infrastructure experimenters, because of the knowledge gained from hands-on study and analysis, and the service providers, because of the business exploitation of the network.

The goal of TridentCom is to create a forum where telecommunication networks researchers, vendors, providers and users can exchange ideas on past experience, requirements, needs, and visions for future establishment of such infrastructures. It showcases experimental activities, such as testing, verification, integration, measurement, and deployment, which are pivotal to achieving next generation


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